Charles Antoine to Hold Auditions for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Band

CharlesAntoinemug.jpgWest Oaklander Charles Antoine, a long-time singer, songwriter and promoter, is currently auditioning musicians for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group, The Julian Vaught Band, formerly known as the “Flamingos.
With his brother, Donald, he formed the “Inspirations,” but when another group formed by the name, he changed the name to the “Invaders”. The group performed from 1966 to 1969.
Antoine went on to form other singing groups called the “Chandeliers” and the “Executives.” He turned his talent for writing poetry, begun while a student a McClymonds High School, to writing music. His first song “If Love Get Into Your Heart, There is Nothing You Can Do,” was sung in 1972 by Gene Mitchell.
He has promoted an award winning band “The Brummell,” and has just finished producing a CD for R&B singer Ella Pennywell, voted the best female vocalist on the West Coast. Pennywell’s latest CD, “You can’t Hide From Love,” contains four songs written by Antoine.
To audition for the Julian Vaught Band or to purchase Ella Pennywell’s new CD, call Charles Antoine at (510) 410-0711.

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