UC Berkeley, Children’s Hospital Get Stimulus Funds

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The federal government is releasing over $3 million in National Institute of Health grants to UC Berkeley and Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Oakland.
The money, made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, include awards to UC Berkeley of $183,000 to create a mouse model to enable researchers to compare TLR9 gene function in mice and humans, which may inform new treatments for infectious and immunologic diseases;  $2,6 million to investigate the interaction between five intracellular pathogens and immune cells called macrophages in hopes of aiding discovery of new therapies to combat these infectious agents; and $50,054 to explain the means by which cancer-causing gammaherpes viruses actively replicate while subverting the immune response. This research may identify potentials for treatments and vaccines.
Children’s Hospital and Research Center is receiving $400,000 to find treatments for cardiovascular diseases through research the structure of apolipoprotein A-I on defined states of HDL.
“In order to develop new treatments and vaccines for illnesses we must invest in healthcare research,” said Congresswoman Barbra Lee.
“I am pleased that the Ninth Congressional District of California will receive these funds to continue their groundbreaking work towards desperately needed treatments and cures.”
To learn more about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, go to www.recovery.

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