“A Pact With the Devil?” What the…

By Dion Evans,
Religion Editor

Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) and host of one of America’s longest running religious broadcasts – the 700 Club – has recently made comments regarding the devastation of the Republic of Haiti; a 7.0 earthquake that has, to recent date, claimed the lives of over 50,000 and is threatening to claim, as predicted by the President of Haiti, more than 200,000 lives.
None of this mattered when the microphone was set before the mouth of a man who claims to be a representative of Christ. Pat Robertson has stated that the devastating earthquake which has hit Haiti was the result of God’s judgment upon the country due to a “pact with the devil” made by its Haitian slaves in the 1700’s. What!? The founder of a 50 year old “Christian Broadcasting” organization pointed down and wagged his finger as if to shame a people – who are, at the present, enduring the most devastating natural disaster in human history.
Desiring to wrap my mind around these comments, I sought out Bay Area pastors to lend their voices to respond to the comments made by Pat Robertson. Here are some of their responses:
Bishop Frank Pinkard – EVERGREEN BAPTIST CHURCH, Oakland – “He is a false prophet and an ungodly man. He is a Conservative Christian racist.”
Rev. Dr. Walter Humphrey, MORIAH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, Oakland – “If that be the case then God have mercy on England for the Middle Passage. The blood of those Africans like the blood of Abel cries for vengeance.”
Pastor Gary Golden, FOOTHILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Oakland – “Pat Robertson’s statement is offensive, ill-timed and racially charged. It is sad that this kind of backward thinking is still tolerated in these days.”
Rev. Dr. MT Thompson, BERKELEY MT. ZION BAPTIST CHURCH, Pastor Emeritus – “I am disturbed in my spirit beyond measure. To live in an age where religious leaders, publically, present our God – Jehovah, my God – as an average character of revenge. Any religious leader that stoops to the level of presenting God with the concept of a revengeful character and acting in the law of retribution, even if people have sinned, needs to be dismissed from any power of public communication. How dare any man seek to reduce my God to a level of being just a man who holds accounts to get even – even if sin has been committed.”
Pastor Tim Royal, HALCYON BAPTIST CHURCH, San Leandro – “Unbelievable that a Christian world share an urban legend as if it were fact. I am very disturbed by the fact that Christian organizations like Samaritan’s Purse are risking life and limb to glorify Christ and this man has smeared HIS name.
Pastor Jerry Blackmon, FIRST NEW JERUSALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Oakland, “No one can assume God’s judgment because no one knows the mind of God. All we can do is pray and give aid in support of the Haitians. Show love and not judgment.”

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