Dr. Musilee Adams Davis Releases New Book About Natural Health For The Body

Dr. Musilee Adams Davis has just released her book, “Naturopathis, Holistic, Alternative”, about Natural Health For The Body.
Davis says, “It is very important to take care of your health. You should eat right, get a normal amount of sleep, and drink plenty of water. Exercise is important too. Taking herbal medicing daily will help you with a better healthy life for tomorrow.”
Davis is in her nineties and quick to tell you she is healthy and has helped others be healthy by taking daily regimens of herbs. Her book is full of recipies.
It is dedicated to her three sons: Donald, Norris and Sammy Davis. To order a copy of the book, call (510)525-1183.

Dr. Musilee Adams Davis

Dr. Musilee Adams Davis

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