Musicians Rally for Marcus Books

By Lee Hubbard

The West Coast Blues Hall of Fame dinner will take place March 28, at the Hilton Oakland Airport from 6 to 10 p.m.
The Bay Area Blues Society has decided to honor Marcus Books and founder Raye Richardson for their significant contributions to music and their contribution to preserving and cataloging the Blues by the various books that have sold at the stores over the years.
“We are going to nominate Marcus Books Stores to the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame,” said Ron Stewart, head of the Bay Area Blues Society. “The store has helped to preserve Blues and its legacy with the books it carries.”
Stewart said the Blues Society will buy a number of books from Marcus Books. He will also send out e-mail blasts to its various members, which number in the thousands, to help support Marcus Books.
Over the years, Marcus Books has been a leader in chronicling African American music and featuring titles that deal with African American music ranging from hip hop, soul, to Jazz and the Blues.
Stewart said that the Bay Area Blues Society, which is a bay area non-profit, is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and representation of American folk music and cultural forms of Blues, Jazz and Gospel. He added, “The society is grateful for Marcus books and its music legacy. We want to help Marcus books as much as we can in this time of need,”continued Stewart.
Others being honored include Sheila E, Lonnie Hewitt, Cornelius “Snooky” Flowers and radio DJ Ronnie Dark
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