Haiti And Dry Bones

Dr. R.A. Williams

Dr. R.A. Williams

By Dion Evans,
Religion Editor

On Sunday, January 31, 2010 at Word Assembly Church in Downtown Oakland a service was held to raise awareness and funds to address the overwhelming needs in the country of Haiti. Haiti has been the focus of much attention since a 7.0 earthquake shook up its residents and left many hungry, homeless and orphaned. Word Assembly recognized the need and was mobilized to action.
Serving as guest preacher for the evening was none other than the renowned PREACHOLOGIST – Dr. R.A. Williams of the McCoy Memorial Church in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Williams preached from the subject: CAN THESE BONES LIVE? The sermon referenced the Prophet Ezekiel’s fourth vision.
While exegetically preaching the prophetic passage, Dr. Williams shared an awesome and enlightening perspective on Haiti’s future. He stated, “This text tonight suggests that no matter how impossible the situation looks, the bones can live again.” Following this pronouncement Dr. R.A. Williams blessed the listening congregation with a perspective regarding vision.
When it comes to vision, Dr. Williams shared, “The Word keeps saying one thing and your situation keeps saying another thing. God will usually give you a vision to encourage you. A vision is usually the beginning of a physical impossibility. The vision is oftentimes far beyond where you are. You may have a vision of a great choir, however, you only got seven members and four of them can’t sing. You have a vision of a church of thousands, a thriving ministry, but your membership is only 20-30 people. Your vision is an international vision, yet the reality is you are doing business out of your trunk. That’s what vision is – it’s so far beyond your comprehension.”
Dr. R.A. Williams is also the President of the organization: PREACHING IS MY BUSINESS. On February 16-18, 2010 he will be offering workshops and classes in Sermon Development, Context Culture, Word Study and will be providing a Sermon Clinic. This conference will take place at 802 E. 46th Street in Los Angeles, CA 90011. For more information call 1-888-949-2378 or visit the website – www.preachingismybusiness.com.

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