One Toyota of Oakland Opens New Store

From left to right: Tom Devany, Brian McCafferty, Brad Barnett, Councilmember Larry Reid and Joseph Haraburda. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

From left to right: Tom Devany, Brian McCafferty, Brad Barnett, Councilmember Larry Reid and Joseph Haraburda. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

One Toyota of Oakland’s co-owners Brad Barnett and Brian McCafferty have bravely branded Toyota’s reputation by opening their new dealership in the middle of the largest recall in the automaker’s history.
Even though most dealers would wait, Bennett says they see their last Monday ribbon-cutting opening as “an opportunity.” By announcing their (510) 569-1111 service calling number they plan to stay ahead of the wave of their customer’s concerns. They are banking on their reputation for good service to create customers
If you’ve ever wondered why someone didn’t re-invent the car business, you can stop wondering. Someone just did.
One Toyota of Oakland opened the doors of its brand new 118,000 square foot facility at 8181 Oakport Street, and in doing so, opened the newest and largest Toyota dealership in northern California. McCafferty credits the company’s ONE PRICE, ONE PERSON® sales process he pioneered at his Toyota dealership in Avondale, Arizona, as being the recipe for success in Oakland.
“With the new sales process customers will not be subject to the time draining demands of negotiating for a price or being shuffled from person to person or department to department in order to finalize a sale,” McCafferty says, “At most dealerships, two people buying the exact same car on the exact same day would pay different prices for that car. At One Toyota of Oakland, everyone pays the same price, no matter what the size of your paycheck.
Brad Barnett says”Our ONE PRICE, ONE PERSON® process means that everything we do is totally transparent. Not only do we post the absolute lowest possible price on every new and used car on the lot, we show the customer all of the data that goes into that price, and they get it all from one person.” At most dealerships the customer has to negotiate with a salesperson, a sales manager and a finance manager, but at One Toyota of Oakland, one person – the first sales person to shake your hand – handles the entire transaction from drive-up to delivery.
Councilmember Larry Reid says the One Toyota of Oakland dealership opened at an opportune time for Oakland because “it creates much needed jobs and will help revitalize our local economy.” He said One Toyota of Oakland says it is committed to becoming an active participant in the economic growth of the city, and has already hired 105 people in a variety of positions. He praised the dealership for contracting with a local car wash company, employing an additional 20 people and hiring construction crews to customize the building. One Toyota of Oakland’s investments in the new dealership include more than $1 million in new automotive repair and diagnostic equipment, more than $50,000 in personnel training, and a commitment to local charitable organizations. In November the dealership donated 500 turkeys to the City of Oakland and $1,000 to the Police Athletic League.
McCafferty said their $22 million purchase price for the dealership was “pennies on the dollar” because it was $14 million less than the original price.

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