Bishop Keith Clark

Bishop Keith Clark

By Dion Evans,
Religion Editor

Monday, February 1, 2010 was a historical day in the ministry of Bishop Keith Lee Clark as his radio broadcast – WORDS 2 LIVE BY – began airing daily on KFAX Radio. Bishop Clark is a featured guest on THE WORLD HIT GOSPEL SHOW hosted by Tinka on KMEL’s 106.1 FM station. Every fourth Sunday he shares contemporary and practical perspectives on varied issues related to faith.
On Wednesday, September 16, 2009 Bishop Keith Clark began airing sermons and lessons on the radio show ISSUES AFTER DARK, also airing on KFAX weeknights from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm PST. Clark found immediate success and is now being touted as a ‘must listen to’ preacher. His books and CDs are in high demand.
JoAnn Carr, Words 2 Live By team member, shares thoughts regarding the newest broadcast, “People should expect to hear the Word, rightly divided and where you live.” Tracy Freeman, Words 2 Live By’s inaugural sermon announcer on KFAX stated, “Bishop Clark shares the Word in a practical, yet meaningful way – many questions people have will receive answers.” Rounding out the Words 2 Live By Team is Trina Taplin, “In the coming months, people of God will gain a greater understanding of God’s Word.” Taplin goes on to share, “Bishop Clark is very transparent in his delivery, electrifying and biblically accurate.”
The Words 2 Live By Radio Ministry’s first week of airing included sermons addressing husbands and wives. The sermons were entitled: HOW A HUSBAND SHOULD LOVE HIS WIFE and HOW A WIFE SUBMITS TO HER HUSBAND. Each broadcast is professionally mastered and available for purchase by visiting the Words 2 Live By website at www.w2lb.org. Words 2 Live By is also on Facebook. To send a Friend Request, visit – www.facebook.com/words2liveby.
Tune in each weekday afternoon at 2:00pm PST for the Words 2 Live By Radio Broadcast on KFAX. On February 12, 2010 Bishop Keith Clark will begin a lesson on SEVEN WAYS TO KNOW YOU ARE IN A BAD RELATIONSHIP. To listen online visit, www.kfax.com (click listen live) or tune into your radio AM1100 “The Spirit of the Bay.”

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