A's Spark Win in Seventh

Oakland, CA – The seventh inning was the turning point for the A’s. Three runs led to Oakland capitalizing off every mistake and opportunity to stay in the race for the post season.

Red Sox pitcher John Lackey started off strong but made a couple of mistakes that allowed the A’s to get back into the game and seal their victory over Boston 4-3.

“I made a couple of mistakes in the seventh,” Lackey said. “A couple of bad pitches in one inning, in our situation you can’t make too many mistakes.” “Honestly, I can pitch the exact same next year and have a totally different result.” “It is what it is right now, giving up a couple of runs and it turns out like that.”

Erasing a 2-0 lead, the A’s took over with Daric Barton leading things off in the seventh frame with a double followed by Jack Cust’s single RBI. Mark Ellis tied the game with a single RBI and that’s when the crowd of 22,932 stood to their feet. Next at bat was Rajai Davis who hit a triple to center giving Oakland a 3-2 lead.

“I made some minor adjustments with my hands,” said Davis. “I was losing the ball while at bat, he beat me a couple of times especially on 2-0 pitch but when the fast ball came I was ready.”

The A’s added an insurance run in the eighth frame from Cust that followed with a double steal from both Coco Crisp and Barton. Crisp surpassed his career-high and recorded his twenty-eighth steal. The defense did it’s work for the remainder of the game as the Red Sox tried to rally a come back in the ninth.

Oakland’s closer Andrew Bailey almost put himself in a jam when he gave up an double to Victor Martinez that followed with an RBI double from Adrian Beltre. Boston was now within one and manager Terry Francona called on his ace David Ortiz to hit for Mike Lowell. With Ortiz at bat the crowd again rose to their feet with anticipation, fortunately for Bailey he calmed down to regain his command as he struck him out with an outside fastball to end the inning.

“I love that kind of battle,” Bailey said. “Obviously, you don’t want to throw that many pitches, he’s a professional hitter and I wanted to go after him.” “Kurt Suzuki (catcher) and I thought we should go right after him and it worked out in our favor tonight.”

It’s a brand new day for the A’s who have played well during the month of September and stay hopeful they’ll play in the post season. Improving to a 6-2 on a nine-game homestand, Oakland still remains 7 1/2 games behind Texas, they defeated the New York Yankees 7-6 Saturday night.

The biggest victory of the night came when the ball club announced they will bring back A’s skipper Bob Geren for another season. Geren will return to Oakland’s dugout for his fifth season after exercising club option for 2011.

“It was good news to have my option extended,” Geren said. “We have a solid pitching staff and the opportunity to manage an elite team is an honor.”

Written by: Malaika Bobino

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