Doctors Medical Center Makes Strides

By Tasion

Doctor’s Medical Center Emergency Department Physicians and Physician Assistants, from left to right: Back row - Alice Hunter, MD, Silas Patlove, PA, Richard Turner, MD Connie Melcher, PA, Jude Moore, MD, Antonio Muto-Isolani, MD, Ray Dawkins, MD, Desmond Carson, MD, Front row - Laurel Hodgson, MD, Christine Ko, MD, Lysa Samuel, MD, Megan Lueng, MD.

Doctors Medical Center (DMC) of San Pablo, formerly known as Brookside Hospital, has continued to raise its standards to effectively help the community it serves.
Governed by the largest democratic emergency physician provider in America, CEP America, the medical center has an emergency team that has become one of the best in the nation.
The hospital credits its success to the board-certified physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners involved in the operations of the hospital as well as the community.
“We look like the patients we serve – we are very diverse and we pride ourselves in that,” said Dr. Desmond Carson, who has served as the hospital’s Medical Director of Emergency services for the past three years.
Under CEP America, the medical center has undertaken community initiatives, including developing a Richmond High School summer internship program, supplying an acting medical physician for Richmond Steelers Youth Football and creating a rotating program for first-year physician assistant students at Touro University.
The medical center has consistently reached the national benchmark of lower than 2 percent of patients leaving the Emergency Room without being seen.  The ER team has also been able to raise its emergency medical services level from a 3/5 in 2007 to a 4/5 in 2010.
“It is one thing to go to school and get an education, but to do that and come back and help your community is something completely different,” said Carson.

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