Rhonda Harris Combines Business and Community Leadership Experience

By Tasion Kwamilele

Rhonda Harris

As a candidate for city council, Rhonda Harris focuses her attention on improving the lives of Richmond’s residents. She says Richmond’s top concerns are unemployment, community safety, and support for local business and homeowners to help develop the city economically.
“I am not running for Richmond City Council to move Richmond to the left, the right or to add another vote to those who are already divided by political ideologies, labels or colors.  I am running to move Richmond forward,” she said.
A resident of Richmond for 35 years, Harris attended San Francisco City College and Contra Costa College, studying liberal arts and teaching. She currently is a member of the Community Development Commission and belongs to the Richmond Rotary Club, the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council and is vice president of the Santa Fe Neighborhood Council.
Harris is a general contractor and directs R.F. & Associates, a full service development firm with a portfolio of over $8 million in business activity.  Established in 2000, the firm purchases and renovates distressed properties and has transformed vacant lots and abandoned properties into commercial establishments and affordable housing.
By initiating partnerships with municipalities, lenders, brokers, insurers, brokers and subcontractors, her firm stimulates economic growth, increases affordable housing and creates jobs and job training opportunities for Richmond residents
Harris believes her experience as a strong community advocate with a professional and business foundation helps her understand the challenges Richmond faces and the type of leader the city needs.
An early supporter of Richmond “going green,” she supports the green building initiative and is an advocate of bringing “clean and green” industries that provide jobs, create opportunities for local small business and bring additional tax dollars to the city.
“I will bring to the City Council real life experiences of working with multi-million dollar budgets, logistical planning, construction, and redevelopment,” said Harris. “With your support, we can find solutions to the challenges of today and prepare for our city’s future.”

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