Manzanita Center Hosts Amateur Boxing Event

By Godfrey Lee

From top to bottom, left to right: Steven Si and Marcos Escobado; Michael Gordon and Alfredo Toro, who was still suffering from his nose injury; Ulises Soriano and John Abella; Julio Vargas and Grant Hartwia; Rebecca Roth and Oldhina Alatriste. Photos by Godfrey Lee

The Marin City Manzanita Recreation Center hosted an amateur boxing event last Sunday afternoon, presenting eight bouts that showcased local youth.
Boxer Paul Nave was the ring announcer and gave a familiar voice to the event, which attracted a medium-sized crowd.
Jozette Justice and her daughter Danielle Smith served the hotdogs. Justice, who operates a weight-loss business, says that the amateur boxing, even with its risks, is still a good sport that gives young people something athletic to do beyond watching television and playing videos.
Isaac Garcia, 8 years old and weighing 70 pounds, represented Double Punches, defeating Cain Sandoval, 8 years and 72 pounds, from the Sacramento Boxing Club.
Andre Conway, 10 years old and 73 pounds, from Ring of Fire, defeated Johnathon Rubio, 10 years old and 68 pounds, from Double Punches.
Charlie Sheehy, 12 years old and 90 pounds, from Ring of Fire, defeated Isai Sandoval, 11 years old and 87 pounds, from Sacramento Boxing Club.
Marcos Escobado, 18 years old and148 pounds,  from Caballero’s Boxing Club, fought well and defeated Steven Si, 21 years old and 149 pounds from Santa Clara PAL.
Michael Gordan, 13 years old and 104 pounds, from Ring of Fire, defeated Alfredo Toro, 15 years old and 99 pounds, from the Sacramento Boxing Club. Toro suffered a nose injury 25 seconds into the third round.
John Abella, 20 years old and 132 pounds, from Caballero’s, defeated Ulises Soriano, 18 years old and 133 pounds, from DF Boxing Club. Both are fast fighters with good reflexes.
Julio Vargas, 21 years old and 142 pounds, from Double Punches, defeated Grant Hartwia, 18 years old and147 pounds, from Marin City Boxing Club. Grant’s father Jeff said his son fought well and is encouraging him to continue as an amateur boxer.
Oldhina Alatriste, 16 years old and at 144 pounds, outclassed and defeated Rebecca Roth, 16 years old and 142 pounds. The referee stopped the contest 53 seconds into the first round. Both are from Marin City.

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