Giants Headed Back to Philly for Game 6

San Francisco, CA – The celebration will have to wait!  The city of San Francisco and the sold out crowd at AT&T Park had hoped for a victory tonight.  But now the Giants will have to head back to Philadelphia for game 6 of the National League Championship Series.

A tough loss to the Phillies 4-2 in game 5 was not something that they had wanted however, they’ve been in tough situations before and feel confident they’ll win it on the road.

The Giants still remain ahead with a 3-2 lead in the NLCS.  The pressure is now on the Phillies to win two games knowing their opponent is just one win away from playing in the World Series.

“We see ourselves more in the driver’s seat than them, Tim Lincecum said.  “It’s up to us, we wanted to shut it down in front of our home crowd but things happened that shouldn’t have so we’re going back to Philly.”

The two time CY Young winner struggled in the third frame giving up three runs.  Raul Ibanez lead the inning off with a single, Carlos Ruiz was hit by a pitch and Roy Halladay hit a rare sacrifice bunt that included an error from first baseman Aubrey Huff which allowed two batters to score.

“It was a bad bunt and they got a break there,” said manager Bruce Bochy.  “Buster did a great job getting the ball to Pablo, he just couldn’t find the bag and fell down there.”  “Inches away from getting a double play and the bunt was right in front of home plate.”  “A missed opportunity came back to haunt us.”

The same play that would’ve resulted in a double play had third baseman Pablo Sandoval found the bag.  It was a frustrating inning where the Giants defeated themselves.  The mistakes that were made were costly and have now forced a trip back at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday where Jonathan Sanchez will pitch.

“I think the turning point in the game was the first inning,” said Huff.  “Howard just made a great play on my ball and we could’ve cashed in for a big inning.”  “That one hurt but no doubt the error hurt even more.”

The first inning started off great for the Giants but ended to soon.  Andres Torres leadoff with a walk, went to third on Freddy Sanchez single and scored off Chase Utley’s error at second.  But Huff’s line drive directly to Ryan Howard who dived for the ball shattered all possibilities for the offense to put up more runs.

They got another chance in the fourth when both Pat Burrell and Cody Ross doubled.  Burrell scored the Giants second run but Sandoval the next batter up flew out into a double play, right fielder Jason Worth to third baseman Placido Polanco.

“Worth made an outstanding throw and pretty much took the momentum out of us,” Ross said.  “Obviously, you want to win it at home and take all three games.”  “It was a tough loss for us tonight, we couldn’t make plays but we’ll bounce back, we’ve been in this situation before.”

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