Deborah Perry, Cornerstone Church, Ministers in Ghana

Mother Mary McKelvy, Dr. Brenda Stratton and Camilla Cooke from Virginia and Deborah Perry.

Deborah Perry, a long time resident of Marin City and member of Cornerstone Community Church of God in Christ, embarked in September on a 16,000-mile roundtrip, 28-day journey to Africa that would forever change her life.

Feeling a very strong urge to minister beyond her immediate circle and sphere of influence, Perry traveled to beautiful Ghana, West Africa, to assist Mother Mary McKelvy on her annual trip to that nation.

Mother McKelvy, also a member of Cornerstone Community Church and founder of salvation Miracle Faith Ministry, has preached the gospel and ministered in Ghana for more than 16 years. She has also assisted pastors and churches in digging wells, building schools, churches, orphanages, supplying uniforms, clothing, and computers, and doing whatever was necessary to help improve the quality of life for the Ghanaian people.

The plan for the trip was to distribute medical supplies and clothing that had been collected from members of Cornerstone as well as others, to finish building a library and computer learning center and to strengthen the churches in the region.

In preparation, Perry had to raise funds for travel, lodging, and incidentals on her trip.  She was able to raise most of what she needed with the help of her Pastor Jonathan D. Logan, Sr., church family, exceptional relatives and friends, including Mike Nichols, manager of the CVS where she works.

She also had to be inoculated against malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, and other diseases.

Perry traveled with Mother McKelvy from San Francisco to New York where they were joined by two other missionaries, Dr. Brenda Stratton and Camilla Cooke from Virginia. The group then flew to Accra and from there to the village of Techiman.

In the village the work of ministry began. Deborah was introduced to several pastors, adults, children and paramount chiefs who forever will be in her heart.  Some of the vivid and notable memories Deborah holds are the differences in the cultures, the market places and how friendly and grateful the Ghanaian people are for the help given to them.  She also took a tour of the slave castle at Elmina.

Perry says she enjoyed her first missionary trip so much, she already making plans for her next one.  Since Cornerstone supports missions in Ghana, Nigeria, Haiti, and Mexico, she will have a number of places to choose from.

“We are excited about Deborah’s experience and thrilled with the outcome of her trip, ” said Pastor Logan.

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