Tuskegee Airmen Saluted at Marin City’s Veterans Day Celebration

Over 500 people attended the one-day celebration in Marin City to honor the Original Tuskegee Airmen of the Bay Area.  The event started with a parade, with several military flyovers- two F16’s provided by the Fresno National Air Force Base, the Historic DC3 Cargo Plane flown by local celebrity James Gabbert, and two PC51’s.  After the parade, attendees ate a soulfood lunch prepared by the Senior Sunshine Club.  The Performing Stars Drama Troupe performed a mini-play portraying the oral history of the Tuskegee Airmen, written by Lesley Currier, Marin Shakespeare Company and taught by Johanna Parker.  Afterwards, the public was able to meet the Original Tuskegee Airmen who provided many photo opportunities and autographs.  The honorees included 11 Tuskegee Airmen and eight widows who represented their deceased husbands. Other participants included Bob Butler, Reporter, KCBS Radio; William Stephens, Marin County Superior Court Judge (ret.); Senator Mark Leno (3rd District); and Supervisor Charles McGlashan, Marin County Board of Supervisors (3rd District).

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