“Gospel in the Afternoon” Concert in Marin City

Singers who were performing in the Gospel in the Afternoon program at the Manzanita Recreation Center.

The “Gospel In The Afternoon”, a benefit concert for the Marquerita Johnson Senior Center, was performed last Saturday at the Manzanita Recreation Center in Marin City. The audience, mostly the older women in the community, had an enjoyable and relaxing time listening to the Gospel and Christmas music.
Two gospel groups, “Emmit Powell and the Gospel Elites” and “Florence Williams and the Gospel Jubilees”, performed at the concert, along with Jenia Fusilier, Greg Simons, and Carol Thomas.
The Senior Sunshine Club provided the raffle. Hot dogs and soft drinks were provided for lunch.
The concert was co-sponsored by the Marin City Community Services District, Bay Cities Refuse Company and the Marguerita Johnson Center in Marin City. It did raise some money for the Senior Center’s program. The goal is to raise  $10,000 to support their program and activities for the upcoming year. Programs that help support those who are impacted by the issues facing our senior population will also be funded. All donations are tax-deductible.
For information about the Marguerita Johnson Senior Center and its activities, call Johnathan Logan at (415) 332-1441, or Marie Gaines, Coordinator, at (415) 332-9323.

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