Swanson Sworn in for Third Term

From left to right: Assemblymember Swanson signs declaration after the swearing-in ceremony at the State Capitol; Swanson pictured with Dolores Huerta, renowned labor leader, and his wife, Anita.

Assemblymember Swanson was sworn in at the California State Capitol for his third term in the Assembly and he immediately introduced AB 12, the Abolition of Child Commerce, Exploitation, and Sexual Slavery Act (ACCESS Act), which continues his  efforts to tackle human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors.
The legislation would increase the fine against an adult convicted of paying for the sexual services of a minor to $25000. And, the fines collected would be directed to community agencies that help sexually exploited minors obtain education, counseling, and shelter.
“The average age of a child entering the sex industry is 12 years old, with some of the most horrible cases involving children as young as 4 years old,” said Swanson.

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