Raiders welcome new head coach, Hue Jackson


Oakland, CA – The Oakland Raiders and Al Davis introduced Hue Jackson as the new coach.  After one year as the Offensive Coordinator, Jackson helped the Raiders improve to a 8-8 record for the first time in almost eight years.  Compared to the likes of Jon Gruden, Jackson’s feisty ways challenges the players to become better.

“He’s made a tremendous impression on me and our organization,” owner Al Davis said.  “There are some similarities to his coaching ways as with Gruden that I like a lot.”  “Today is a big day for the Raiders, I couldn’t be more happy to introduce our new head coach.”

Oakland’s offense finished fourth in the AFC and sixth in the NFL in scoring.  They also doubled their scoring output from the previous year totaling 410 points in 2010.  Prior to joining the Raiders, Jackson spent two seasons as Baltimore’s quarterback’s coach and helped the Ravens advance to the postseason in 2008 and 2009.

“We’re going to create an environment here for our players to do great and that’s what we’re chasing,” Jackson said.  “We’re chasing greatness and it’s my job to do everything I can to take this team where we want to go, which is the Super Bowl.”

Jackson earned the respect from players quickly in his first season by challenging them to become better everyday.  He stayed vocal throughout the season with both the offense and defense but primarily taught the offense to dig deep and find their talents to push harder.  No one knows Hue better than Jason Campbell who worked with him closely.

“He never got complacent and wanted us to get better,” Campbell said.  “We can stick to the same system and guys can relate to him.”  “I had an idea it (becoming head coach) was going to happen because he’s just that good.”

Written by: Malaika Bobino

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