Taking the Wright Steps Running in the Footsteps of Greatness

Jeffery Wright, attributes his success in the real estate industry to those who taught him the right way, especially his father, Eddie M. Wright.
Jeffery Wright, who serves as CEO of the West Contra Costa Association of REALTORS®, often reflects on the local real estate “trailblazers” who were instrumental in guiding him.
He’s a Richmond native that has been in the real estate business practically his entire life.
He knows land. He’s mastered housing  and he understands how to finance properties.
He recounted how his father wanted to  do better for the family by working part-time in 1964 as a real estate salesman with The William D. Martin Realty Company, a black owned firm in El Cerrito.  His father learned the craft at a time when many organized real estate groups, especially local real estate boards, as well as many neighborhoods and communities did not want welcome Black real estate agents, or their customers, with “open arms.”   Eddie Wright, undaunted by the overt and covert racial slights he experienced, opened his own real estate company in 1968. It was founded as the Eddie M. Wright Real Estate, but is now known as Wright Realtors.
Clearly a step ahead of most youth his age , Jeffery obtained his real estate license at 18, just after high school graduation. He majored in business administration, with a focus on real estate, at San Francisco State University. He worked in his father’s real estate office while going to college.  By the time he graduated from college he also had earned his real estate broker’s license and began working in the business fulltime.   Following his father’s advice he got  involved with committee service at the local Board of Realtors.
By 1994 Jeffrey was elected President of the West Contra Costa Board of REALTORS®. He served as President again in 2005 and was also honored in 2005 by the organization. He has also served in many other capacities with the state organization. In July 2009 he was elected as the CEO of West Contra Costa Board of REALTORS® and took on the responsibility for running the day to day operations of the organization.
He served two terms on the West Contra Costa Unified School District Bond Oversight Committee, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Museum Association, and actively participates with his son in Boy Scouts.
Despite his numerous accomplishments, he aspires to serve with major corporations.
Jeffrey Wright has achieved the right way by combining an education and an immense amount of dedication. He took his father’s advice and now he  imparts that advice to his own son in scouting—always be prepared.

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