San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce Publishes a Book on Business

From left to right: Fred Jordan, Karen Johnson, Carla Thomas and Deeann Mathews. Photos by Planet Fillmore Communications.

By Lee Hubbard

Business is the trade of goods and services between an organization and or consumers.  In the United States, small business is one of the driving forces of local economies and communities and it is often the number one provider for jobs in these local communities.  
Seeing there was a need to communicate to small businesses and black entrepreneurs, the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, recently released a book the “Small Business Survival Manual,” with a book signing at Marcus Book Store in the Western Addition of San Francisco.   
“The book is orientated towards small businesses and it summarizes some of the things you should do when you are in trouble with your business,” said Fred Jordan, the president of the African American Chamber of Commerce, who was on hand at Marcus Books store.  “The book talks about evaluating yourself, your characteristics and how much you are willing to work to be a successful business person.”
The book takes a look at small business and ways to start a small business in this present time. The book takes a look at making your business visible, making use of many of the various agencies available to help you in your small business endeavor.
“This book is a great resource for small business owners in this economic time,” said Bridgette Leblanc, board secretary at the Black Chamber of Commerce.  “We are proud at the chamber to publish this book. We hope black businesses and those interested in business can use this book to motivate them to build businesses in the black community.”
The book took three years to write and it was a collaborative between various partners and members of the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, with large chunks of the writing being written by Carla Thomas of the Oakland Post newspaper.  It was self published by the African American Chamber, with the help of Merrill Lynch, which gave the Chamber of Commerce a grant to start the research and gather the information for the book.
“Merrill Lynch wanted a manual for small business and minority businesses that could get past this recession,” continued Jordan.  “This is far different from the dry and sterile business manual that the small business administration publishes.”
 The Small Business Survival Manual gives various business scenarios to work through, as well as many of the various resources to help keep your business afloat in this hard economic time. It looks at some of the new marketing and networking technologies utilizing Twitter, Face book and email. The survival manual also tells you how to become a certified small business or minority business, the advantages and where to go to get funding and help.
“If someone takes the time to read this book, this book should help your company not only to survive, but to prosper,” continued Jordan.
For more information on the chamber go to or call (415) 749-6400.

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