Jefferies to Help Form “Prison Post”

By Carla

Cory E. Jefferies

Cory E. Jefferies  is set to start the new Prison Post, taking the Post News Group to the next level with solutions and lots of experience.
A graduate of Castlemont High School who spent 20 years working in the Alameda County judicial system, Jefferies says he has always been inspired by his father, Clarence E. Jefferies, the first African American Oakland police officer, and his mother, Ruth Peace Jefferies, who worked for the Oakland school district for nearly 40 years.
Jefferies is someone who has always worked on the solution end of the judicial system.  After leaving the department, he worked for two years as a youth developer for the Youth Development Collaborative.  
The father of three sons and eight grandchildren, he says his faith and family keep him focused on what is important  “As long as you keep yourself spiritually grounded, care for your mind and your body and think about the things that you can do to better for your community, you will go far,” said Jefferies, who a member of the  Will of God Christian Center in Vallejo.
“I reflect on where we were and how far we’ve come over hundreds of years.  As African Americans, we always had to go with the ebb and flow of the economy, and few were in the right place at the right time,” he said.
Jefferies encourages youth to weather any storm in life. “If you’re fortunate enough to live long enough, you’re likely to leave the same way you came in – blessed,” he said.
Find out how to contribute and collaborate with the Prison Post. Contact Cory Jefferies at or 510-691-7090.

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