Master Seals Praise Dancing Angels

By Ashley

Master Seals’ Bishop T.L. Smith Angels (left to right) back row-Lakeisha Hall, Tajanae Robinson, Billie Janae, Ashleigh Watson, Director Tauvra Trent, Thomeisha Hall; middle row-Katelyn Jones, Dajsah Carter, Nevaeh Oston, Deniah Carter; kneeling-Dezier Carter and Thomiyah Price.

Praise dancers at Master Seals Worship Center in Oakland celebrated their Pastor and his wife’s one-year anniversary on Sunday, December 4. Pastor Tyrone Hall and Apostle Peggy Hall were showered with words of endearment and musical praise from several distinguished pastors and their congregations.
The Bishop T.L. Smith Angels danced to the emotional “They Shouldn’t Have Made Me Cry” by Bishop William Harris. Named in honor of  Master Seals late Bishop Thomas L. Smith, dancers moved with grace and humility. Through prayerful poses and expressions, they delivered an amazing performance.
Just as amazing was the praise dance by Britnee Braden, accompanied by Lakeisha Hall and Tajanae Robinson, rendering a moving performance to “Jesus” by LeAndria Johnson. With open arms and exuberant emotions, these young ladies encouraged their pastor and wife and parishioners with their inspiring dances.
“Praise dancing to me is a physical way of showing the anointing that God gives you. You may not be a singer or a worshiper, but if you’re a dancer, it’s a different way to acknowledge that God is living through you with your movement,” Braden said.
Praise Dance Director, Tauvra Trent, who started directing at 19 under her uncle Bishop Smith, has been motivating the youth in her church through praise dancing. Ranging in ages from four or five years old to young adults over 21, the dancers show confidence in their praise dancing.
“As a director, I’m teaching my young people how to glorify God. I’m giving them an outlet in the church and showing them that you can still be young and do things in the church,” Trent says. “I’m just giving thanks that our pastor let us worship in dance because some churches don’t let you dance in the church.”

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