Wildcats are Pop Warner Regional Champs

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Standing, Coaches from left to right: Zean Sheldon Roye, Kelvin Zachery, Eugene Reed, William Levy, Christopher Bishop, Sr., Head Coach William Prince, Hugh Savage(Not Shown), Dean Simmons(Not Shown), Business Manager Barbara Simmons(Not Shown), Team Mom Jackie Turner(Not Shown); Kneeling, Players: Damani Ballard (#1), Nahshon Wright (#2), Maurice Lloyd Jr. (#4), Jeral Wimberley (#5), Jerrell Alberty (#6), Dejon Goodall (#7), Quincy Culpepper Jr. (#8), Richard Hardman III (#9-Not Shown), Cortez Espinoza Jr. (#10), Dominic Harper (#12), Derrick Derr(#13), Paris Johnson Jr. (#19), Paul Scott Jr. (#21), Tyron Ireland (#22), Eric Johnson (#25-Not Shown), Michael Woolridge Jr. (#32), Derick Alexander (#35-Not Shown), Joshua Goodman (#37), Kyren Richardson (#40), Jarrett Mitchell (#43), Jabari Murray (#44), Zubari Taylor (McClinton) #47, Devin Simmons (#52), Darrin Bedford (#58-Not Shown), Jamil Davis (#61), Jeremiah Spears (#64), Elliott Johnson Jr. (#66), Isaiah Payne (#76), Donzel Brandy (#80), Jeremiah Bains (#81 - Not Shown), Avery Burt (#84), Zachary Katzman (#88), and Ashe Banjo-Bright (#94).



Oakland this year has had three hard driving Pop Warner Eastbay Warriors football teams, the Wildcats, Warriors and the Wolverines. The Wildcats went on to compete last week in the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Orlando, FL.
Though the Warriors and Wolverines fell in battle, they represented Oakland to the final tick of the clock.
At the Super Bowl, the Wildcats defeated the Liberty City Warriors of Florida, 14 to 12, and Highland of Hawaii, 27 to 20, in a very hard-hitting and physical match.
Ultimately, the Wildcats fell to Marshall Heights of DC Maryland, 34 to 6. There were 44 teams and five countries represented in the football playoff competition.
The Wildcats won second in the nation of Pop Warner Football and was the first California team in a long dry spell to win this honor.
Arriving home, team members were greeted by cheers, balloons and banners of family and supporters.
Many family and friends are expressing gratitude to the coaching staff of the Wolverines, Warriors, and Wildcats for giving the team and Oakland their time and energy in helping to mold the city’s youth into respectable young men and football players.

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