49ers Are Reaching for the Stars

By Malaika Bobino    

Frank Gore (21), star 49ers running back is the man to watch.

It has been a long time since the Forty-Niners had a bye in the playoffs.  A week off to relish in the moment before getting back to work is probably the best feeling any team can have right now in the playoff race.

The Niners did it the right way and earned the time off by having a stellar season that no one expected.

Give credit to the defense for shutting down teams like the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions.

A team effort from all surprised many along the way except the coach and players.  After every game guys would talk about the chemistry and trust they have toward one another.

“We love playing together, and it shows on the field,” Vernon Davis said.  “We work hard for one goal, and that’s to win games.  If everyone does their job, then we all can reap the rewards.”

Finishing the season 13-3 was a remarkable accomplishment for the team and the city.  A year behind the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, the Bay Area can celebrate another success story with a team that made history in the 1980s.  Remembering the days of Joe Montana and Steve Young is a fond memory compared to the new generation led by Alex Smith and Frank Gore.

 “Obviously, it hasn’t been done around here, I think in almost a decade,” said Smith.  “We’ve talked about it since I’ve been here and it’s no different this year.  Win the division and then the Super Bowl!”

San Francisco will have the opportunity to bring back those winning ways of the past when they host their first division game on Jan. 14.  Ticket sales for that game were sold out within hours.  Their first-round bye will allow the Niners to ponder what lies ahead as they get ready for their next game.

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