Raised in Alameda’s Housing Projects, Still Together After 60 Years

By Post Staff

From left to right: Willie McCray, Lawyer Cooper, John Speman, Wesley Moore, James Nelson, Carl Brown, Weldon Brown and Robert Earl Davis.

The Alameda Connection led by Willie McCray maintains the friendships of a group of men who grew up together in the housing projects in Alameda.
 “The group collectively has known each other since kindergarten. We are like a family, that’s how we grew up, and that is how we will stay,” McCray said.
The men first met as children and adolescents in elementary schools that served children in the projects, schools such as John Muir, Chipman, Longfellow, Burbank and later Alameda High and Encinal High schools.
During their years together, lasting friendships and close family connections were forged, strengthened and made permanent. The youth were a part of residential communities that cared for children.
Crime was minimal, but education and social achievements were not. Housing projects produced national athletes, teachers, police officers, city council members, lawyers and many other successful adults.
The men in Alameda Connection meet a few times a year, coming from all over the Bay Area and Central Valley to reconnect and share memories and stories that keep their bonds forever strong.

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