Swanson’s Hearing on School Takeovers

Assemblymember Sandré Swanson, Chair of the Select Committee on State School Financial Takeovers, is holding a hearing this week to discuss “State Receivership: The Experiences of Bay Area School Districts – What Works, What Doesn’t, and How to Improve the System.“
The hearing is the second in a series of statewide investigative meetings conducted by the select committee to examine the state takeover process and its effect on school districts.  
 “Our public schools are facing a financial crisis, making it more important than ever that we revisit the state financial takeover process,” said Swanson. “When a school district has reached a point of fiscal insolvency, it is the state’s job to step in and ensure that the school doors remain open. State takeover should be a last resort and should never leave the district in worse circumstances than it was found,”    he said.
“Public schools are the heart of our democracy, and it is unacceptable that so many of them are experiencing budget stresses that make it impossible to operate in a meaningful and healthy way.”
The hearing is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 27, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., in the City Council Chambers at Oakland City Hall, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

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