Mary “Weezie” Holden, 69

Mary Louise “Weezie” Holden

Mary Louise “Weezie” Holden, an employee of the Oakland Unified School District and a surrogate mother to all who entered her home , died on Jan. 4. She was 69.
Born in Shreveport, LA, she attended school and married her friend Bobby Lynn Holden. The couple eventually moved to the Bay Area.
Starting in 1975, she worked for 27 years at Oakland schools, as a paraprofessional, yard supervisor, instructional assistant and library clerk.
As a former resident of Acorn Housing Apartments in Oakland, she was a member of a senior group at the Acorn Town Center and became treasurer.
Her service was held Jan. 13 at Holy Cross Baptist Church, 949 55th St. in Oakland.

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