Nob Hill Welcomes President Obama

By: Malaika Bobino San Francisco, CA – It was obvious something “big” was coming to San Francisco.  A city that’s known for it’s historic sites, art and entertainment added one more caveat, the President of the United States.  In his re-election campaign tour President Barack Obama made his way to the city for three events that ended with a rally at the Masonic Center in Nob Hill. The first two events consisted of meetings with top officials followed by a dinner costing in the area of $36,000 a plate.  What made the rally so remarkable was that tickets were available for $100.  For those who can’t afford yearly salaries for one meal, this was an opportunity to get close to the President. Taking the stage in front of a sellout crowd, President Obama’s smile lit up the room to a standing ovation.  Without hesitation the President got right down to business on the issues at hand with the economy and the election.  Through hecklers and shouting Obama didn’t flinch nor blink an eye but instead applauded those who were bold enough to interrupt his speech by just saying “what would one expect while visiting San Francisco”! Laughter immediately followed as he continued to speak with a jovial tone and frequently cracked jokes along the way.  In his opening speech he addressed San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis who spoke earlier, saying “Vernon if you want to play for a real team your always welcome to come and join the Chicago Bears”.  That comment was followed by boos. The next 30 minutes was unforgettable, our President gave the predominantly crowd of Democrats exactly what they paid for, reassurance, promise and victory.  A reminder that the war is over, Osama Bin Laden is dead and change did come. For years the United States economy had been destroyed and while it took time to recover, some things did get done.  So why not reelect the President Obama who proved he could persevere?  Another four years is what he wants and who better for the job than the man we voted into presidency four years ago.
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