Precious Paychecks for Parolees

Center Point, Caltrans, Corrections Dept. offer jobs to Formerly Incarcerated

By Cory E. Jefferies

Center Point, Inc., a Bay Area non-profit social services agency, along with Caltrans and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, has established the Oakland Parolee Day Reporting Center to address the diverse needs of those facing parole and reentry issues.

Manager Warren Morey and Cal Trans Program Supervisor Bernard Thompson have announced the first female hired by Cal Trans through the program, Precious Davis.

Precious Davis

Davis is part of a racially diverse crew of eight laborers that hits the roadsides of local Interstates 13, 980 and 880 to rid the highways of debris that accumulates during daily traffic commutation. An intern’s attitude, attendance and other factors determine which candidates are selected to go out in the field. The positions pay  $400 a week. “This program has changed my life. I have an opportunity to successfully integrate back into society and reestablish family connections,” said Davis. The Caltrans project is designed to give parolees real world work experience through a program format that allows both court-mandated and volunteer parolees to participate seven days a week in structured activities based on three sequential developmental phases, which include aftercare not exceeding 270 days. Since this program was started in June 2011,  more than 27 people have been successfully employed. “Parolees who reenter society base their success on two basic opportunities, gainful employment and housing to contribute positively in their communities,” said Davis. Center Point also operates substance abuse services agencies in 18 California counties. Interested Oakland parolees should contact their parole agent, Day Reporter Center staff or Parole Associate Sonia Sandoval at 510-4965240 or . Center Point Oakland Day Reporting Center is located at 3333 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland.


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