Youth Join Selma Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Oakland youth participants in the 12th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama. L to R: Jack Huang, Stephanie Martinez and Deric Fuller.

Three Oakland youth will join members of Congress for the 12th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Selma, Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama. The 2012 Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama will take place March 2-4, marking the 47th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, one of the most pivotal events of the Civil Rights Movement. The students are: Jack Huang, 13, Bret Harte Middle School; Stephanie Martinez, 21, a graduate of Castlemont High School who is currently studying at Chabot Community College; and Deric Fuller, 17, a senior at Castlemont. The three youth were selected by the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center in Oakland.  Each of the students has studied the principles of Martin Luther King, Jr., and have written and made public speeches in diverse Oakland area venues. The pilgrimage is a “life altering experience,” said Eric Fuller, graduate of the Freedom Center and current Merritt Community College student, who participated in the pilgrimage in 2009. “It changes your perception on the key issues in life and how apparent they have become in today’s society,” he said. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) will serve as the Pilgrimage Chairman. This three-day journey through living history will demonstrate the powerful role organizing and courage played in shaping the nation’s history. Special guests on the pilgrimage include Civil Rights leader Dr. Dorothy Cotton, James Lawson, Jesse Jackson, Congressman John Lewis, Bob Zellner, Reverend C.T. Vivian and Andy Young. For more information on the Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage, contact the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center at (510) 434-3988.
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