Masons Gear Up for Election 2012

By Mister Phillips, Esq. The California political director of President Obama’s reelection campaign spoke recently at the homecoming dinner of Monarch Lodge #73 to build support for the campaign. Peggy Moore, state director of Organizing for America, spoke at the Feb. 17 dinner about Obama’s accomplishments. including historic health care reform and encouraged the predominately African American audience to become involved in the campaign. Volunteers are the life of the president’s campaign, she said, pointing out that the campaign only has nine paid staff members in California. According to Moore, volunteers have called over a million voters on behalf of the president since April. They have also organized 75,000 one-on-one meetings to recruit other volunteers. Supporters who want to become involved can visit the campaign’s local headquarters at 1714 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or visit In response to concerns about how individuals can compete with corporate donors, Moore said the campaign teaches people how to host house parties to raise money from multiple sources. She also emphasized that African American turnout on Election Day is critical. Not only will it help the president win – it will cause political parties to pay more attention to African Americans and spend more resources in their respective communities. At the end of Moore’s talk, this writer told the audience he chose her to speak at the dinner because the theme of the event was Black history, and “President Obama is living, breathing black history.” The event also featured spoken word by Tasion Kwamilele of Oakland, who spoke about youth violence, religion and consumerism; and praise dancing by Rachel Washington, also of Oakland, who danced to “Here I Am” by gospel singer-songwriter Rev. Dr. Marvin Sapp. Mister Phillips, Esq. is Regional Director of the Calif.Democratic Party African American Caucus, and Junior Warden of Monarch Lodge # 73. He can be contacted at
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