Reality TV vs the NBA

By: Malaika Bobino Oakland, CA – In aftermath of reality television, many have become marveled to the arguing, cat fights and drama.  Reality TV has become more popular than well written scripted shows that once dominated the networks.  Today, these shows take a more in depth look into the personal lives, including one popular show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. However, the reality of sports is real, you play to win championships.  So, for Lamar Odom who married Khole Kardashian and opened his life up to reality TV has seen the backlash of fame.  He was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks after the NBA lockout ended.  A shock to many especially the “6th Man of the Year” who is experiencing the worst season in his NBA career. Many would speculate that reality TV and the NBA don’t mix!  Past and current NBA superstars have never opened up their life for the world to see especially during the season.  Many players shoot commercials, make appearances on sitcoms and films but the taping is done in the off-season.  For Odom he is among a few who have taken stardom to an entire different level. The world of sports is pretty basic, you play to win and the extra bonuses are making the All-Star team, winning MVP and taking home the trophy at the end of the season.  One thing is certain, no marquee player needs extra marketing if they can sellout an arena based on their talents.  Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and rising star Derrick Rose need no TV show to promote how good they are. With camera crews following your every move can become quite distracting when you need down time to relax and reflect.  Lamar, now faces the expectations of high ratings verses his stats for the season.  After taking some time off from the Mavericks, he was sent down to the D-League to get better.  Odom is still work in progress to becoming the player he once was last season. Carmelo Anthony is another player whose life has taking a turn into the world of reality TV.  His wife has her own show which featured Anthony being traded from Denver to New York.  The show basically presents what life is like being married to an NBA star.  Carmelo doesn’t make as many appearances on the show like Odom.  Yet, it still has effected his game. After being injured early in the season, Jeremy Lin took over and become the phenom so many expected Anthony to be.  The New York Knicks are struggling to maintain a good position in the Eastern Conference standings.  They currently hold the eight spot while the Milwaukee Bucks are a game behind.  The biggest concern it that without Carmelo in the line-up the Knicks went 7-0.  Since his return the team has struggled. There are others who fell victim to reality TV, Terrell Owens former NFL star got his own show and slowly watched his career end.  Once a superstar athlete, Owens was one of the top players but an injury slowed his down.  His decision to become a reality TV star was frowned upon by the NFL.  Terrell’s NFL career ended ended two years ago and since then he has gone broke. His former teammate and close friend Chad “Ochocino” Johnson has taken the same path as Owens and finds himself in a reserve role with the New England Patriots but Johnson was also once a marquee wide receiver in the NFL.  He’s had his own show and makes frequent appearances on Miami’s Basketball Wives show. It obvious that if an athlete wants to go “Hollywood” it should be done once they retire.  Thus far it has proved to be taboo for those who have tried it, especially when balancing two careers.  For both Odom and Anthony it’s evident that a NBA Championship is not in their near future so, maybe the time they spend filming they should be in a gym getting better.
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