Barbara Lee Salutes Women’s History Month

Barbara Lee

The celebration of Women’s History Month has grown from an idea initiated in Sonoma, Calif., in the 1970s by the Education Task Force, to a week established in 1978, to a month-long celebration of the impact of women throughout history. Formally established in 1987, Women’s History Month honors the enormous strides and accomplishments of women. “It is a reminder to build on (women’s) legacy by sharing with children in classrooms across the country the countless ways women have made an impact on the outcome of American history,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee (DOakland). “Naturally, there are a number of inspirational women who have contributed in ways big and small to the fabric of America,” Lee said. “Society, however, does not make it easy for women to be leaders. These heroines fought for equal pay in the workplace, voting rights, the right to raise a family while maintaining a career and women’s reproductive rights.” Lee, in a statement released this week by her office, recalled the historic trailblazer Shirley Chisholm, who was the first African American woman member of Congress and ran for president 40 years ago. “She worked tirelessly to remain unbought and unbossed,” said Lee. “In 1972, her trailblazing path continued when she became the first woman to make a bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. “I had the great pleasure of meeting her then and becoming one of her delegates. As we reach the 40th anniversary of this bid, I am reminded that Shirley Chisholm inspired me to believe that the Oval Office was not the sole property and province of men. “As we mark the beginning of Women’s History Month, I encourage women from every corner in the world to take up the same challenge that our predecessors embarked upon. Let’s join together to become mentors to young women and dedicate ourselves to helping cultivate the next generation of female leaders.”
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