East Bay Parks Offer Seasonal Jobs

The East Bay Regional Park District is offering a variety of seasonal full-time and part time jobs, including positions for lifeguards and recreation leaders. Jobs are available as camp counselors and year-round, part-time interpretive student aides who work at one of the visitor centers with a park naturalist and must been rolled in college. The lifeguard program will train those who are hired to obtain the proper certification. These positions are ideal for students, seniors and those who enjoy working outdoors. “As a public agency, we feel a sense of obligation to our community (to help) students to get valuable work experience,” said Sonja Stanchina, a human resources officer at East Bay Regional parks. “We are especially interested in hiring bilingual workers, to reflect the diversity of our park users,” she said. “If we hire high school and college students, when they are ready to work full time, hopefully they will think of us. We are investing in our future,” she said. For information, contact the East Bay Regional Park District’s Human Resources Division, 2950 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland. Call (510) 544-2154 or go to www.ebparks.org/jobs. Check the website for application deadlines
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