The Day After… NBA Trade Deadline Ends

Written by: Malaika Bobino Sacramento, CA – One day after the trade deadline ended, the Sacramento Kings had no movement.  Many had hope for some changes, in addition to the cities recent approval of the franchise to remain in the Sacramento area.  That opportunity will have to wait until the off-season.  In the meantime, the Kings will finish out the remainder of the season with their current roster. “If they were going to make moves, they would’ve been made,” said Kings coach Keith Smart.  “I want the same things we’ve been doing, keep playing hard and keep getting better.  Close the gap on minimal mistakes while still enjoying playing the game.” The Boston Celtics also had no movement before the trade deadline ended yesterday.  After a horrible start to the season the Celtics began to doubt themselves, the month of December was rough.  Winning only one of their four games was not the start they expected. “Our guys are good,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.  “We just have to keep getting better, the only change thus far has been in our spirit.  That’s the challenge going into every season, as for the trade, I knew we weren’t going to make any changes.” Over time the chemistry improved and now Boston remain in the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference standings.  But on this West Coast road trip their winning streak came to an abrupt end after defeating the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. “We need to focus on playing their game and the match-ups will take care of itself,” explained coach Smart. The Kings dominated Boston for the 120-95 victory.  With five players in double figures Sacramento did exactly what was expected, playing the Celtics game better than them.  Marcus Thorton lead all scores with 36 points, Jason Thompson added 21 points and 15 rebounds. “One thing about this team is that they can score,” said Rivers.  “They are the best offensive rebounding team in the NBA.  We just got to do a good job of getting them off the glass. Despite Ray Allen hitting five 3-pointers scoring 26 points, Boston fell flat on both defense and offense.  The spirit that this team recently found left the building once tip-off began.  Trailing by as much as 21 points in the second half Sacramento pulled away for the easy win. “I don’t know if its turned around yet, its still early,” Rajan Rondo said.  “The beginning wasn’t great for us but what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.  We’re definitely getting a better feel for each other, we made a lot of changes in the lineup and the recent change has actually been the most consistent.”
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