Girls Inc. Promotes “Gutsy Gals Who Achieve the Impossible”

By Mieasha Harris, Executive Director for Girls Inc. of WCCC

From left to right - Back row: Executive Director Mieasha Harris, Celine Robinson, Kamera Simms, California Arts Council Chair Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, Amya Harris, Shawn Culpepper, Malaya Harris; Front row: Tiffany Farmer, Shannon Culpepper, Tiffany Wilson, Shatanya Cook.

Young women seeking to empower themselves are taking opportunities to learn from professionals in the science, math and engineering fields, as well as how to lead others, protect themselves from predators and excel in life. Girls Incorporated of West Contra Costa County is committed to providing realistic options to girls who are open to receiving training. Its College Bound Girls program was launched to introduce high school girls to resources that will enable them to prepare for higher education, obtain knowledge of career choices and understand the rewards of community volunteering. Girls Inc. staff recently escorted a group of teens to the Women’s Power Strategy Conference 2012 in San Anselmo on Saturday, March 24.  Hosted by Patricia V. Davis, President, Harper Davis publishers, the event at San Domenico School offered workshops, vendor booths and lunch. Girls attended a variety of sessions: Media and Women, Being the Boss, Gutsy Gals who Achieve the Impossible, Cloud Technology and Writing Secrets of Business Rock Stars. Shannon Culpepper of College Bound Girls sat in on the Human Trafficking class taught by Monique Lessan, a multilingual private investigator, and she expressed her enjoyment of the workshop. “I was able to understand what is happening in the country as well as what is happening all around the world,” she said. “The thought of children and women being forced to have sex is horrible.” Keynote speaker Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, California Arts Council Chair and professional painter, talked about having self-confidence while facing failures. Authors Catherine Bramkamp, “Don’t Write Like You Talk,” and Ana Maria Sanchez, “Girl from the Hood Gone Good,” distributed and signed books. Amya Harris, a member of College Bound Girls, was also impressed with the conference. “From the ‘Food Should Inspire Joy, Not Guilt´ class, I learned that I can eat the foods that I like, without overeating and be able to stay healthy. I got some good recipe ideas and picked up a copy of her (Marissa Churchill’s) book “Sweet & Skinny.” Girls Inc. has served youth in the Richmond area for nearly four decades. More than 6,000 young women have taken part in one or more of the identity programs including, teen pregnancy prevention, science, community involvement and sporting activities. We currently offer programs for girls ages 10 -17 at the Nevin Community Center and the Richmond Recreation Complex, Monday – Thursday: Self Defense, Leadership and Community, Science, Engineering, Math, and Economic Literacy. Our program assistants are well prepared and are excited to work with girls of all ethnicities, helping to enhance their minds and self-development. For information call (510) 232-5440 or by email
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