Bicycles Donated to Manzanita Children’s Center

Top photo from left: Shahyan Hansia, Bradley Page-Harris, Oliver Munos, Trevion Clark, Annum Angalia, Lessther Maldonado, TaNaejah Reed, Manuel Mazariegos, David Haines, Andrea Munos. Kelsey Mazariegos. Alba Mazariegos, Bryan Cardenas, Elijah Fowler, Mobeen Angalia, Stephanie Maldonado, and Brenda Rodriguez standing with the adults from Svitzer and the finished bicycles. Lower left: Manuel Mazariegos, TaNaejah Reed, Mobeen Angalia, and Bryan Cardenas passing the cups filled with water on trays. Lower middle: Alba Mazariegos, Bryan Cardenas, TaNaejah Reed as master of the hula-hoops. Lower right: Andrea Munos in one of the team assembling a bicycle. (Photos by Godfrey Lee)

By Godfrey Lee The Manzanita Children’s Center in Marin City received eight new bicycles from Sensei International, who visited the center on March 21 and conducted a bicycle-building exercise. Sensei International, a consulting organization which works to improve the human performance in multi-national organizations, chooses the Manzanita Children’s Center to participate in this exercise. Svitzer, the company that Sensei was currently working with is a global maritime company headquartered in Denmark. Svitzer offers a wide range of services, including ship towing, pilotage, fire fighting, and pollution response in ports around the world. The Manzanita Children’s Center was chosen by Sensei as a location with a different culture with a creative environment for their Svitzer clients. During the exercise, a number of games were played to emphasize the importance of the group participation, such as carrying cups on water on a tray in a relay race. The children also played with the hula-hoops. In the end, the eight teams assembled the bikes, although the adults, with their maritime experiences, did most of the work to complete the assemblage.
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