Warriors Woes

By: Malaika Bobino Oakland, CA – It’s been a trying season thus far for the Golden State Warriors.  They began the Summer with the assembly of an All-Star Executive cast of Jerry West, Bob Myers and Rick Welts.  Yet, the one thing missing was an All-Star roster. The lack of power forwards have been a problem with the Warriors for years but the depth of point guards has not.  Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry continued to get better, while that was not enough to return to the post season. Due to the NBA lockout, the season had been shortened and the pressure mounted.  Even with a grueling schedule, Ellis failed to make the NBA All-Star but still produced a fierce game on the court. Curry improved but still has problems with his ankle that has left him out of 15 plus games this season.  Andres Beidrens still plays flat and the paint needs more strength in facing the various big men in the league. Golden State known for its perimeter shooting, has vastly improved on defense but that is still not enough.  First year head coach Mark Jackson hasn’t made much of a difference.  The Warriors have the third worst record  in the Western Conference. After trading Monta and Epke Udoh, the team suffered more loses and struggles to find leadership on the floor.  Leaving David Lee to shoulder the load, the Warriors now look ahead to the draft.  With two weeks left in the season, Golden State looks to finish with a worse record than the 2010-2011 season. The injuries took a toll and the shortened season maybe a factor on just how well this team could’ve been.  For now, it’s no surprise to missing another post season in Oakland, the fans can only hope to see changes in the future as they have hoped for the past five years.
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