Cleotras “Meme” Pontiflet Turns 100

By David Scott

Cleotras “Meme” Pontiflet. Photo Clifton Photography

Cleotras “Meme” Pontiflet, who celebrated her 100th birthday April 14 at His Lordship’s Restaurant in the Berkeley Marina, is someone who credits the Lord for her long life. “God has kept me and brought me through many trials and tribulations. If someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer, I won’t say anything  (because) it is better to be silent rather than lie or deceive people,” said Pontiflet, who has outlived a brother and two sisters. She considers herself someone who loves people and enjoys watching children. “Babies keep me young and boost my spirits and energy,” she said. One of the secrets to a long life is to maintain a ‘’clean heart and a clean mind,” she said. “Don’t do evil to other people because you end up cursing yourself in the end,” said Pontiflet. “I am not the kind of person who waits until you fall before I help – I want to catch you before you fall.” Born in Houston Texas on April 12, 1912, she credits her mother for teaching her about the Lord at a young age and wants to pass on her values to the younger generation. “Be honest with people; don’t be a liar; and love, not hate,” she said. She has five children, three living and two deceased. Her favorite hobbies  are babysitting and dancing – she loves the Foxtrot. “I can keep up with these youngsters,” she said. Pontiflet is a member of East Bay Church of Religious Science, founded by Senior Pastor Eloise Oliver in West Oakland.
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