Hands-on Grant Writing Workshop

The Your Biz Consulting Firm presents “Write My Grant”—a hands-on grants writing workshop – Friday, May 11 at 1000 Broadway in downtown Oakland. Participants will get real world, practical experience in writing a grant, complete with technical assistance from the Your Biz Consulting team. Beginning and experienced grant writers from city, county and state agencies as well as nonprofits, K-12, colleges and universities are encouraged to attend. Online registration is available at www.getmygrants.com. “If you have a new project, this is a great way to put your ideas on paper. During the workshop, we will provide step-by-step guidance along with one-on-one assistance,” said Kia Croom, Sr., Grant Writing Consultant and workshop facilitator. Taught by Croom, an experienced grant writer and journalist, the workshop is designed to help agencies develop and organize ideas and concepts related to their grant. Participants will leave the workshop with the makings of a mini grant proposal that can be developed into a full grant proposal on a project of their choice. The cost for the workshop is $75, which covers the cost for tuition, fees and materials. Kia Croom is proprietor of the Your Biz Consulting Firm. She has 10 years of experience in nonprofit program development, grant writing and fundraising.  She established the Your Biz Consulting Firm in 2005 and has since raised more than $5 million dollars on behalf of nonprofit organizations in California and the Southeast. She holds a bachelors degree in journalism, a master of arts in public administration and a master of science in nonprofit management. The Your Biz Consulting firm offers custom grant writing services for nonprofits. For a free grant consultation or to learn how your company can host a grant writing training a contact info@getmygrants.com or (510) 575-1876
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