The “Buffet Rule” For Prostate Cancer

By Thomas A. Farrington,  PHEN Founder and President    Billionaire Warren Buffet, who is nearly 82 years old, has announced that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. “I discovered the cancer because my PSA level recently jumped beyond its normal elevation, and a biopsy seemed warranted,” Buffet said. Diagnosed with Stage 1 prostate cancer, he chose radiation treatment five days a week for six weeks. He ignored recommendations of the U. S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in having the PSA test, which advises against men older than 75 having the test, and recently issued a draft recommendation against regular PSA testing for all men unless they experienced some “symptom” of prostate cancer. Buffet did not wait for symptoms. I am in favor of the “Buffet Rule” for the early detection of prostate cancer using the PSA test. The Buffet Rule for Prostate Cancer: “Men at all income levels should have the right to know and to choose how to manage their prostate health.” Ironically, this is the rule in our country today. However, if the current draft USPSTF recommendation is finalized, then that right essentially goes away for some that may not have Buffet’s means. Why? It is almost certain that most insurance carriers will no longer cover the PSA test unless a man is visibly suffering from prostate cancer, which is much too late for early detection of the disease. I believe this will have a negative impact on all men but could be devastating for those men at high risk for prostate cancer –  Black men, men with a family history and Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange. For information go to: PHEN is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 by Thomas A. Farrington.  
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