PICO and OCO Push for Justice in Sacramento

By Ashley Chambers Staff and clergy from PICO and Oakland Community Organizations (OCO) traveled to Sacramento on Thursday, April 26 for a statewide clergy gathering and to meet with political leaders Founded in 1972 by Father John Baumann, PICO is the largest faith-based organizing network in the U.S. with 1,000 religious congregations in more than 200 cities. OCO is a federation of congregations, schools, and allied community organizations, representing over 40,000 families in Oakland. The delegation met with Governor Jerry Brown to discuss his Millionaire’s Tax initiative, a proposal on the Nov. ballot to raise taxes for those making $1 million or more a year and raise the sales tax. “I’m really counting on you to spread the word to the faith community all over California that it is fair that those who have the most are able to make a great contribution,” said Brown. In  their meetings with Brown and other legislators, PICO and OCO leaders pushed for social justice reforms:  foreclosure fairness and tax transparency; banning the box on employment applications requiring an applicant’s previous felony convictions; preserving children’s access to healthcare; immigrant integration, seeking to stop unwarranted detainers and deportations; and equitable school funding. PICO organizations are mobilizing congregations and neighborhoods to get 100 percent to vote within the faith community. Visit www.piconetwork.org for more information.
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