Veteran Rogelio Manaois Graduates From SF State

Rogelio Manaois with family ( L to R) Julian Manaois, Emma Vargas, Erin Vargas, Katelyn Manaois, Regina Radoc , Lauren Manaois, Joy Manaois. Photo by Stephen Brooks, Jr.

Rogelio Manaois is one of 105 military veterans who is graduating this year from San Francisco State University. Manaois serves as Veterans Services Coordinator at the university and is graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology. With his experience in the military, he advises veterans as they make the transition from combat zones to student life. Manaois is a San Francisco native whose family moved to the city from the Philippines when he was two years old. After high school, he joined the army and spent three years as a diesel mechanic on a base in Colorado. He returned to the Bay Area, attended City College of San Francisco and transferred to SF State in 1995. He began working as a student assistant in the registrar’s office on campus and was hired full time as a student services professional in 1997. He paused his studies in 1998 when he started a family. Now a father of three  and the campus Veterans Services Coordinator, Manaois completed his degree this semester and says his training in psychology will be immediately put to use as he works with veterans from diverse backgrounds and guides them through the college experience. S.F. State held a reception on April 28 for its graduating military veterans.
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