Reid, and Neal Back Bonta for Swanson’s Seat

Council President Larry Reid and Alameda County Democratic Party Vice Chair Kathy Neal are backing Rob Bonta who is running for California State Assembly to continue the legacy of outgoing Assemblyman Sandre Swanson. Reid said “We recognize that Rob Bonta has already walked the walk and proven he is the right person for this job through his long history of commitment to and success in public service that began with his parents.” Neal said Bonta’s father marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his mother has been a long-time leader in the Filipino social justice movement. Bonta, the Vice Mayor of Alameda, cites his direct experience working for civil rights, economic justice, community policing and job creation. He said he helped raise $84 million in funding for public schools. In 2003, he and the ACLU settled a historic racial profiling lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol. While at Yale, Bonta joined LEAP(Leadership, Education, Athletics in Partnership) He lived with and tutored African American teenagers in public housing in New Haven Connecticut. “I support Rob Bonta because the 18th Assembly district faces similar challenges and needs a proven leader who will fight for working people and families” says Neal. Reid said SEIU, California School Employees and the California Labor Federation have joined him to support Rob Bonta for Assembly.
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