Bay Area Group Supports Rights of Formerly Incarcerated and Family Members

By Kia Croom, contributing writing Legal Services for Prisoners with Children is an organization that for over 30 years has been championing the rights of incarcerated people, formerly incarcerated people and their families. “People don’t recognize that some formerly incarcerated people are good people, trustworthy and capable of making a contribution. We are capable of giving back to the community, too,” said Dorsey Nunn, the nonprofit’s executive director. “People are shocked to learn that I spent time in prison,” he said. “I am considered the exception—an anomaly.” With a staff of 13 that includes a committed team of advocates, attorneys and community organizers, the organization provides services that reach thousands of prisoners and their family members annually. “Fifty percent of my staff is formerly incarcerated. We have talented people within our organization,” said Nunn. Those who work with the group generally share its vision of transforming the injustices associated with “mass incarceration” that have disrupted the lives of so many individuals, families and communities. The group’s services include advocacy, publications and legal aid to promote public education and awareness about the barriers encountered by its clients and the policies that abridge their freedoms. In 2011, Nunn co-founded All of Us or None, a project of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, comprised of
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