Bishop O’Dowd’s “Ride or Die Girls”

Left to right:Alexandra Dixon, Alexandria White, Brea Hammonds, and Haleigh Nickerson attend the BOD Senior Ball 2012.

By Chanelle Bell Alexandra Dixon, Haleigh Nickerson, Alexandria White and Brea Hammonds are four beautiful and intelligent young women, graduating this weekend at Bishop O’Dowd High School, who have been the best of friends since their first encounters. Throughout their high school careers they have been involved in sports, drama and other extracurricular activities. When they graduate, they will enter a new chapter in their lives, parting ways to  attend schools such as the University of Arizona (UA), Oregon (UO), California (UC Berkeley) and Loyola Marymount (LMU). Alexandria White has plans of being a sports trainer. Haleigh Nickerson wants to be a sports broadcaster on ESPN.  Brea Hammonds plans on becoming an actress, and Alexandra Dixon is excited to see where her path will take her. Although their lives are going in differetn directionss, they will always remain close and push each other to pursue their dreams.  Brea Hammonds says, “These are my ride or die girls!” and graduating will not change that.
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