Reelect Nate Miley, Supervisor District 4

With Tuesday’s local primary election just days away, the best candidate to fill the Alameda CountyDistrict 4 Board of Supervisors seat needs to have a deep understanding of the issues facing the county.

Nate Miley

Of the two candidates, incumbent Nate Miley and newcomer Tojo Thomas, the choice is clear.  Miley is the best choice to represent District 4. Miley is known for his work with the growing senior community, healthcare, violence prevention initiatives, increasing governmental transparency and environmental protection. It takes broad experience to serve on the Board of Supervisors, as the county faces many issues, such as the loss of redevelopment funds, the billion dollar construction of the Highland Hospital project, and figuring out how to keep the county’s professional sports teams. Now is not the time for on the job training or a crash course in politics. To be an Alameda County Board Supervisor it takes a wide range of knowledge and leadership experience.  Thomas has neither.   Miley has demonstrated his commitment to engage the communities of District 4, which include Oakland, Castro Valley, the unincorporated areas and Pleasanton.  His accomplishments include building the first of its kind clean energy smart grid county facility in the nation, enacting a responsible Alcohol Education Ordinance and leading efforts to open Youth UpRising in Oakland. Miley is a hardworking supervisor, an accomplished advocate and a caring leader. We are proud of his record and happy to endorse him as the best pick for Alameda County Supervisor for the residents of District 4.
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