Wanna Wright, 67

Wanna Wright died on Saturday afternoon, May 20.  She had undergone many hours of heart surgery, which proved to be more than her heart could tolerate. Wright had earned a reputation in the Bay Area for her tireless work as a community breast cancer advocate and health educator. Some of the organizations she worked for or was associated with included Kaiser Permanente, National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Fund, Breast Cancer Action, Communities for a Better Environment, Friends Of Faith, Inc., Sister’s Network and Overflowing Cup. As the founding member of the African American Breast Cancer Task Group, she formed a committee of women who produced “Celebrate” calendars to serve as a vehicle to tell the stories of women who have battled and survived breast cancer. The calendars were an educational tool, especially for African American women who suffer higher breast cancer mortality rates. Wanna Wright was born on December 11, 1944. She began her journey as a breast cancer advocate working on a special health study funded by the National Cancer Institute. She won a scholarship from a program called Women’s Health Leadership (WHL). The program was designed to enhance the leadership capacity of women working in the health care arena and increase their networking resources to help improve the health and wellbeing of low-income women.

Wanna Wright

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