Dr. Agee, Chief Jordan Praise City’s May Decrease in Crime

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Chief Jordan

Dr. Gerald Agee, President of Pastors of Oakland and Senior Pastor of the Friendship Christian Center, commended Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan for his May crime reduction report. “Chief Jordan should be praised for following through with his plans to reduce crime by aggressively engaging the community,” said Rev. Agee. Jordan attributed the May reduction in crime to enhanced community involvement, implementing additional resources and crime strategies, and partnerships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Chief Jordan touted the results of Project Gideon III, a law enforcement initiative involving Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and their collaboration with OPD officers. He said, “Operations like Project Gideon and the day to day work of the men and women of the Oakland Police Department have identified and led to the arrests of known violent criminal offenders and recovered guns from our streets.” During May, Jordan said burglaries were down 20%; robberies were down 24%; property crimes were down 18%; violent crimes were down 14%; Part 1 crimes were down 17% and officer field contacts were up 25%. Chief Jordan said, “The Oakland Police Department and the City of Oakland will continue to work with the community and other agencies to reduce crime in our city.” Dr. Agee said his ministerial organization, which represents more than 70 congregations, will work with Jordan and the city to establish neighborhood watch organization. “We want Jordan to succeed. We want crime to decrease significantly and, we will work with all the stakeholders to make that happen.”
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