Berkeley Honors Youth Spirit Artworks

By Tony Wilkinson

From left to right: Diana Staros, Rev. Susan Conrad, Marsean Dunham, Kayvaun Rodgers, Mylik Hardcastle, Monae Holmes, Shavella Stephenson, and Tiphereth Banks.

The Berkeley City Council recently honored Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA), a South Berkeley based arts and jobs training program that works to empower and better the lives of homeless and low-income young people. In recognition of the program’s fifth anniversary, the June 26 City Council meeting presented a proclamation to a YSA delegation celebrating the organization’s contributions to the city – working with over 500 young people and producing five public art works, including the 70 ft. by two-story “Music on our Minds” mural at the corner of Ellis and Alcatraz. “We are deeply grateful to the City of Berkeley for the support of our work and in celebrating our 5th anniversary by honoring our youth,” said YSA Executive Director Sally Hindman. YSA means a lot to me,” said Skittles Tolbert, Junior Artist at YSA “If it was not for this place, I would have no where to be. I love working here, and I learn so much from everybody. “Any youth reading this  (should know) YSA is a good place to earn money and make new friends and have a place if you don’t have anywhere to go.”
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